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plagiarism / плагиат
имя существительное
plagiarism, crib, plagiary, rip-off
имя существительное
the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
Anyone with that academic background knows the serious consequences of plagiarism of words and ideas.
There have been some charges of plagiarism on account of this reference which to my mind are spurious and nonsensical.
Much ink and accusations of plagiarism have been spilled over the story's origins.
Genuinely unaware of my plagiarism , I appear to have stolen this idea from Stuart.
It is especially so when such papers are tainted with plagiarism and dirty school politics.
there were accusations of plagiarism
Towards the end, deception, fraud and plagiarism are laid bare.
Practices that would not be considered to be plagiarism in a speech might be in a journalistic article.
We end this week's Science Show with a reminder that there is a grand tradition of plagiarism in some places.
literary plagiarism
An accusation of plagiarism assumes not only that you can spot a repetition but that you know where originality lies.