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placement / размещение, помещение, трудоустройство
имя существительное
placement, placing, deployment, allocation, layout, disposal
room, premises, rooms, placement, quarters, accommodation
имя существительное
the action of putting someone or something in a particular place or the fact of being placed.
the proper placement of microphones
a placement in a special school
This will also have an affect of creating a non-trapping placement of the ball.
Its proper placement is yet to be determined by a more complete taxonomic sampling.
But proper placement of such tracks is also important to him.
Check fire regulations for the type needed in your work area and to determine proper placement .
For proper placement of deadlifts in your back routine, see the beginner's and advanced back-routine charts.
Some students chose to continue with their placement despite the fact that CECS cancelled the credit for it.
His ball placement and timing have improved, and he's completing more deep passes than a year ago.
With him, a team may have changed his ball placement and delivery.
Proper placement of a permanent mirror in your home can help you look down a hallway before you have to stick your head in.