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placebo / плацебо
имя существительное
a harmless pill, medicine, or procedure prescribed more for the psychological benefit to the patient than for any physiological effect.
his Aunt Beatrice had been kept alive on sympathy and placebos for thirty years
A practitioner who administers a placebo wants to benefit the patient by making the patient believe that he is receiving an active treatment.
They found a significant improvement of symptoms compared to patients taking a placebo .
In the first phase, more patients are randomised to placebo than to active treatment.
It was used to investigate the different effects of ultramolecular potencies compared with placebo rather than pragmatic homoeopathy.
Sensitivity analysis excluding those patients who received the placebo tablet did not change our conclusions.
That one doesn't get answered as often as it should, because the FDA generally only requires testing against placebo .
The eight patients treated with placebo from all dose groups were combined for the purpose of summaries and analyses.
If there is no existing treatment, a placebo might be used (a placebo is a treatment that has no physical effect).
The placebo effect is then defined as the difference in effect in the patients receiving placebo compared with those receiving no treatment.
The practice of testing new medicines against placebo , rather than against the best treatment available, has contributed to a general lack of knowledge.