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placate / умиротворять, успокаивать, утихомиривать
square off, pacify, appease, placate, calm, propitiate
calm down, soothe, calm, settle down, reassure, placate
calm down, placate, still, hush
make (someone) less angry or hostile.
they attempted to placate the students with promises
Here's a picture from our visit to the Eden Project a couple of months ago to placate me for a little while.
That is something that not only will placate the fans; it is a trait that delights their manager.
Such an answer cannot hope to placate the war's opponents, let alone satisfy the conspiracy theorists.
they attempted to placate the students with promises
Even though he and I didn't get along, I definitely did those things in order to placate the family.
In the meantime they can placate their opponents on the left and reward their supporters in the state sector.
It adopts no postures of phoney charms to placate its visitors.
She said her colleague said she could not deal with him that day and was eventually able to placate him.
I managed to placate both physician and parent by saying I would transport her to hospital myself.
This seemed to placate her, and I finally won my release with a promise to pay next time.