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placard / плакат, афиша
имя существительное
poster, placard, broadsheet, bill, broadside
poster, bill, placard, affiche, show bill, notice
post, stick, paste up, post up, placard, unstick
имя существительное
a poster or sign for public display, either fixed to a wall or carried during a demonstration.
The article says that his followers already have the placards for the demonstrations printed up and stored for use.
cover with placards.
they were placarding the town with posters
One demonstrator even carried a placard saying ‘Self employed worker on strike’.
This positive value was most eloquently summed up in a placard carried by a pregnant demonstrator in New York City on February 15th, 2003.
Instead, anyone who wants to take part carries on with their normal day, but carries a placard or banner while out and about.
Similarly, a placard carrying a message on road safety has been displayed at the Time Keeper's office in every depot.
They come to a placard mounted on the wall, displaying a map of the Palace's three floors.
But no one in authority seems to care, and one of these days, you may find on our lunch hour, teachers are placarding the Tarouba Road out of frustration.
Mechanics placarded the autopilot as inoperative, though they did not pull or safety the circuit breaker.
Quite apart from his agents, who are everywhere, the country is placarded with his portraits in a variety of roles.
The Metro stations are tidy, the advertising placards on the walls are artistic and very French.
Fear of the disease then justified measures ranging from placarding houses to forced isolation of patients in special institutions.