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pixie / эльф, фея
имя существительное
elf, pixie, leprechaun, sprite, fairy, pixy
fairy, faerie, sprite, pixie, faery, fay
имя существительное
a supernatural being in folklore and children's stories, typically portrayed as small and humanlike in form, with pointed ears and a pointed hat, and mischievous in character.
It's very clever for a story that's set in a parallel dimension inhabited by elves, pixies , unicorns and griffins!
do you think she should grow out her hair or keep her pixie?
do you think she should grow out her hair or keep her pixie?
Kids simply have to dress up as a fairy or a pixie and two winners will be picked after the show.
I see myself in one sense as a zoo of conflicting desires each trying to clamour for my attention like a class of noisy children or a swarm of irritating pixies - you have to decide who to listen to and who to ignore.
I'm a lot more interested in the time tree model where we are just a single growing and evolving organism, with no dependency on aliens or magic pixies turning up further down the line with sweets if we do well for ourselves.
Her slight frame and elfin appearance suggested a coy, pixieish quality but her work revealed wit and tough-minded resourcefulness.
The nature of sprites and pixies was a very innocent one, more attune to that of children than creatures of magic.
She is now more pixieish than kittenish, which is part of what makes her so annoying.
My husband's skill at cooking is nearly enough to have me forgive him for years of thinking that pixies washed his socks and elves cleaned the toilet.
Short and stocky, a shopworn wool sweater carelessly worn backwards on occasion, Bob displayed an almost pixyish quality that was only enhanced by his lilting, Gaelic turn of phrase and charming absent-mindedness.