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pith / сердцевина, суть, сущность
имя существительное
core, heart, pith, kernel, medulla, boon
point, core, substance, heart, gist, pith
essence, entity, nature, fact, spirit, pith
извлекать сердцевину
имя существительное
soft or spongy tissue in plants or animals, in particular.
the essence of something.
a book that he considered contained the pith of all his work
forceful and concise expression.
he writes with a combination of pith and exactitude
remove the pith from.
pierce or sever the spinal cord of (an animal) so as to kill or immobilize it.
Animals were pithed through the right orbit to the spinal column with a round copper rod of 1.5 mm in diameter.
Journalists are apt to focus upon the pith , that is.
I picked a horse chestnut off a low branch; the spikes were soft and I tore it apart but there was nothing inside except a kind of white pith .
he writes with a combination of pith and exactitude
It is the pith of civilization and of man's human existence.
Do this finely and lightly: any white pith will make the dressing bitter.
We found that most samples exhibited little or no compaction or distortion from pith to bark along the major axis.
peel and pith the oranges
I am not a great connoisseur of literature and my choices may be controversial but they are solely intended to encourage pith and to share the pleasure I get when I come across sentences that strike me as complete in themselves.
So anyway the story is short and lacking in pith .
Peel the orange thickly, removing the white pith , and cut into segments.