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pitfall / ловушка, западня, волчья яма
имя существительное
trap, snare, hook, pitfall, catch, decoy
trap, snare, pitfall, mantrap, pit, mesh
волчья яма
pit, pitfall
имя существительное
a hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty.
He bought some books on self-publishing and brushed up on the perils and pitfalls involved.
These are pitfall traps that lure the slugs using beer as a bait (real ale is said to be the most effective).
The following cases illustrate a new pitfall that can lead to treatment failure.
Two permanent pitfall traps were located at each monitoring site.
French also placed pitfall traps to monitor ground beetles on private farms, where some farmers are growing another type of Bt corn to control corn borer pests.
Slugs are attracted to beer, and this weakness can be exploited by deploying pitfall traps baited with beer (real ales with traces of yeast, rather than filtered lagers).
The summed total of three sampling days for each of the 12 pitfall traps (three traps at four tidal heights) was used for each year in subsequent statistical analyses.
If she accidentally stumbled across a trap or a pitfall , she would get out of the mess and warn everyone else of the danger.
Carabids typically are sampled using pitfall traps.
We sorted 7743 invertebrates from 712 pitfall traps.
During this trial, escapes, and/or predation of click beetles caught in the pitfall traps was common, but was not observed in the pheromone traps.