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piteous / жалобный, жалкий, достойный сожаления
имя прилагательное
plaintive, piteous, moanful, rueful, drear
pitiful, miserable, pathetic, sorry, wretched, piteous
достойный сожаления
piteous, grievous, commiserable
имя прилагательное
deserving or arousing pity.
The girl uttered a cry, long, tremulous, heart-rending, piteous .
Thus, the best form of tragedy is one that represents ‘terrible and piteous events’ that befall good and undeserving people.
Never in my life had I ever heard such a piteous sound.
Your efforts never fail to leave me laughing at your piteous attempts.
Herr Schaal's voice was piteous ; he was pleading.
He was crying into his lovely black feathers a piteous sound that tore at Star's heart.
Boromir's attempted martyrdom was a bit self piteous to be sympathetic.
As the end neared, she lapsed into a semi-consciousness of raving and then piteous wailing.
She had a hundred years experience when you were still a piteous little child!
The piteous 11 per cent conviction rate has to be explained somehow.
My heart goes out to Miss F - sorry for your piteous plight which I induced.