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pitchfork / вилы, камертон
имя существительное
pitchfork, fork, hayfork, crotch, pike, prong
fork, pitchfork, tonometer, diapason, tuning-fork
взбрасывать вилами
lift with a pitchfork.
имя существительное
a farm tool with a long handle and sharp metal prongs, used especially for lifting hay.
He arranged two lines of men with flails, clubs, pitchforks , sickles, and reaping hooks.
I placed them outside of her stall and went to get some fresh hay and a pitchfork to clean the stall.
Kathryn grinned and placed the pitchfork in the wheelbarrow, which she moved to the manure pile quickly.
Startled, Jack leaped backward, stepping on a dirty pitchfork , and got slapped in the back by its handle.
Charles took it and tied it around the pitchfork 's handle.
It does have some decent scenes of horror, including an impaling with a pitchfork and a sickle.
However, here in North Yorkshire do we apply the Luddite mentality and return to the pitchfork and scythe?
‘Make yourself useful,’ I said, dumping a pitchfork full of manure and straw into the wheelbarrow.
The pitchfork , with its twin references to farming and going to hell in a handcart, aptly remains.
Being pitchforked into weekend psuedoparenthood is very, very frightening.
Some villagers fought back with whatever they could find, pitchforks , axes, swords, anything.