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pitch-black / черный как смоль
[ˈpɪtʃ ˈblæk]
[ˈpɪtʃ ˈblæk]
имя прилагательное
черный как смоль
pitchy, ebony, coalblack, ebon, jetty, pitch-black
имя прилагательное
completely dark; as black as pitch.
His feathers were dark and sleek, as black as the pitch-dark night without a candle or a moon or a star.
With nothing but a pitch-black , moonless night in front of me, my biggest concern was flying away from the water.
The attackers came after me and got slightly more than they bargained for in the pitch-black dark house.
He had dark skin and darker eyes, and his pitch-black hair was mopped up in a way that suggested this man cared not for outer appearances.
Where we stayed there are no buses, no taxis, no trains, and the nearest pub is five miles away along unlighted, pitch-black roads.
Randy was the ‘tall dark and handsome’ type with pitch-black hair and chocolate eyes.
He was tall, with long pitch-black hair in a ponytail and dark brown eyes.
No one could see anything at night because of the pitch-black darkness.
He wore pitch-black pants and a black shirt with understated ruffles at the neck and sleeves.
The tears streamed down, dark as blood, reflected in the pitch-black canopy of sky.
Davis felt a burst of mirth within him, for he knew the symbol well but could not comprehend how he could see black in a pitch-black environment.