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pit / яма, карьер, ямка
имя существительное
pit, hole, hollow, yawner
career, quarry, pit, open pit, mine, stone-pit
fossa, pit, hole, dimple, recess, fosse
имя прилагательное
рыть ямы
делать ямки
pit, fight
имя существительное
a large hole in the ground.
I do not see any risk of these pits becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
an area reserved or enclosed for a specific activity, in particular.
a hollow or indentation in a surface.
The outer surface has pits , grooves, and perforations that represent traces of vascular structures.
the stone of a fruit.
The fruits have a pit at the end away from the stem.
set someone or something in conflict or competition with.
a chance to pit herself against him
make a hollow or indentation in the surface of.
rain poured down, pitting the bare earth
drive a race car into the pits for fuel or maintenance.
He began to pick up the pace and managed to climb to 6th during the first hour before pitting for fuel and fresh tyres.
remove the pit from (fruit).
Leave some cherries whole so people can see later on how hard you worked pitting real cherries.
On the ventral surface of the skull, there is a deep pit on each side of the rear of the palate.
We don't have to pit for tires anymore.
His time in the car was extended when he was able to pit for fresh tyres and fuel during a safety car period.
He promptly drove into a huge, open manure pit .
The members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in the pit did a great job, but their reduced numbers mean naturally a reduced sound produced.
The excellent orchestra in the improvised pit was in fine form and added enormously to the show.
Union leaders claim there are at least 90m tonnes of unworked coal still in the pit that could take the best part of 20 years to mine.
The competition, which will pit American gymnasts against gymnasts from Russia, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Canada, Italy, Brazil, and Mexico, is being held in the Arrowhead Pond.
the trading pit of the Singapore International Monetary Exchange
Blood gushed from a deep pit in his shoulder and several jagged cuts were gouged in his torso, soaking his ceremonial robe to his skin.