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pistol / пистолет, револьвер
имя существительное
gun, pistol, handgun, piece, Roscoe, equalizer
revolver, gun, pistol, gat, handgun, bulldog
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a small firearm designed to be held in one hand.
Williams was carrying a loaded air pistol in his pocket.
a very energetic or enterprising person.
when we first met, he was a pistol, full of ideals and a natural leader
shoot (someone) with a pistol.
In fact he pistolled the wounded Fraser at Culloden and the officers celebrated by splashing themselves in Highland blood.
Williams was carrying a loaded air pistol in his pocket.
The business man agreed as he pulled out a laser pistol from his back holster.
Only that and the dull metallic sheen of the flintlock pistol clutched firmly in his hand.
Miss Dando's killer used a 9mm semi-automatic pistol .
She aimed the loaded pistol at the officer who looked up with a startled expression.
Taking direct fire, and outnumbered, he pressed forward, firing his M9 pistol at enemy forces.
Jay stood back up and pulled out his small emergency laser pistol .
That 94-year-old grandmother is the subject of the article, and apparently she's a pistol .
My grandmother carried a loaded pistol in her purse.
Each vehicle should be assigned an M9 pistol .