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pistachio / фисташка, фисташковое дерево, фисташковый цвет
имя существительное
pistachio, pistache
фисташковое дерево
pistachio, pistache
фисташковый цвет
pistachio, pistache
имя существительное
the edible pale green seed of an Asian tree.
Garnish with celery greens, pistachios , capers and sea salt.
the evergreen tree of the cashew family that produces this nut, with small brownish-green flowers and reddish wrinkled fruit borne in heavy clusters. It is widely cultivated, especially in the US and around the Mediterranean.
Mangoes come in hundreds of varieties and a wide range of shapes and sizes, and are distant relatives of cashews, pistachios , poison oak and poison ivy.
The Chinese pistachio is a beautiful tree that matures to about 40 feet in height with a 30-foot canopy.
Most women can easily distinguish between forest, kelly, sea, celadon, lime, kiwi, jade, sage and pistachio greens.
Available in canvas, pistachio , and pool blue in sizes S - 2XL.
The ironwork was repainted in its original tone of pistachio .
Long piano fingers, silver rings glittering, nails painted pistachio green.
Many of these lepidopteran pest species of pome fruit have a broad host range that can include cherry, peach/nectarine, grape, citrus, kiwi, and pistachio , as well as uncultivated hosts.
I don't understand why anyone would make their mercs a pistachio green colour.
(Once, Ken showed up with a bag of shelled pistachio nuts.
Besides being fun to eat, pistachio nuts are a boon to our health.
Olives and pistachio nuts are the most luxurious things I have ever eaten.