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pirouette / пируэт
имя существительное
делать пируэты
имя существительное
an act of spinning on one foot, typically with the raised foot touching the knee of the supporting leg.
By the end of that week, I could consistently execute quadruple pirouettes to both right and left.
perform a pirouette.
She twirled and pirouetted with her arms outstretched to catch the gliding snowflakes.
The horse needs sufficient impulsion for the work that is being asked of him, i.e. cantering a 20 metre circle requires much less impulsion than performing a canter pirouette .
They got a bit bogged down near the end of the performance during a final pirouette in piaffe, but overall featured a strong technique.
She then did a second, slower pirouette as if to emphasize her attire.
Laurie, in her ecstatic state, executed a pirouette , and began to sing in earnest.
For example, she would give everyone triple pirouettes when I could only do one.
The music highlighted excellent canter work, including multiple pirouettes , and tempi changes on a curve.
The tenor saxophonist wore his baseball hat backwards as he pirouetted and moonwalked across the front of the stage.
The swords sang as the soldier and I danced; pirouetting , blocking, lunging, advancing, and retreating.
The trainer, unfazed by Dansk's apparent aggression, manages to persuade the animal to kneel, walks on its backside and performs pirouettes .
In classical ballet pirouettes are executed on pointe, as are arabesques.