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pirate / пират, пиратское судно, нарушитель авторского права
имя существительное
pirate, filibuster, buccaneer, rover, corsair, freebooter
пиратское судно
pirate, sea dog
нарушитель авторского права
rob, pirate
самовольно переиздавать
заниматься пиратством
pirate, buccaneer
имя существительное
a person who attacks and robs ships at sea.
We are originally from Wales, you see, but we came from England and were sailing to Venezuela when pirates attacked our ship.
use or reproduce (another's work) for profit without permission, usually in contravention of patent or copyright.
he sold pirated tapes of Hollywood blockbusters
rob or plunder (a ship).
Then we are going to have to pirate every dead ship we come across for a long while.
Dunphy is reluctant to be drawn on his experience of running a pirate station.
In turn, Kirby caught every detail of her swashbuckling pirate .
Originally put together to sound like a pirate radio broadcast, listening to it now it's like a little time machine.
Obviously, these are copies, fakes, pirate booty.
Cynis and Reciler watched as the corvettes made short work of the pirate vessels.
"It doesn't allow people to pirate music, " Hammerton said.
Then we are going to have to pirate every dead ship we come across for a long while.
If an application to secure a full-time licence is successful, organisers of Wharfedale FM plan to develop it along the lines of the old pirate radio stations.
Did you know the profit margins on pirate CDs are higher than cocaine?
With some trial and error a software pirate can sit and generate product keys until one is found to be working.