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piracy / пиратство, нарушение авторского права, перехват одной реки другой
имя существительное
нарушение авторского права
перехват одной реки другой
имя существительное
the practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea.
Recent examples of Somalian piracy includes raids on ships carrying supplies for the UN World Food Programme.
Each was convicted on December 11 of air piracy and faces 20 years to life in prison.
Sony says that only 20 titles, which it refuses to name, contain the XCP virus - software which attacks music piracy by attacking your PC.
The code was introduced by the International Maritime Organisation to deter terrorism, piracy and other criminal acts.
Yet some of the quotes clearly aren't about that at all - they refer to music piracy , or bootlegging, or unofficial releases.
Digital cable is often considered the answer to cable signal theft and piracy , but as a final solution it's a long way off.
While piracy and terrorism may not be the same crime, they share enough elements to merit joint definition under international law.
The trouble for Russian rights owners is keeping track of Internet piracy when physical piracy is so much of a problem.
Consider recent actions on bills addressing such disparate issues as homeland security, movie piracy and auto burglary.
There the Africans stood trial for piracy and murder in a much publicized case, even for that day.
There are many fine houses here as well as vast warehouses, all of which are walled and well guarded, for piracy and theft are as common as regular trade here.