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pique / пике, раздражение, обида
имя существительное
pique, nosedive, twill, quilting
irritation, annoyance, exasperation, anger, annoying, pique
hurt, offense, insult, grievance, wrong, pique
prick, pique
задеть самолюбие
excite, stir, stir up, arouse, bring, pique
имя существительное
a feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight, especially to one's pride.
he left in a fit of pique
stimulate (interest or curiosity).
you have piqued my curiosity about the man
feel irritated or resentful.
she was piqued by his curtness
pride oneself.
He piqued himself on being so with them more than with any one else.
имя существительное
stiff fabric, typically cotton, woven in a strongly ribbed or raised pattern.
Are Europeans going on a buyer's strike in a fit of pique over Iraq?
Keel killed the pay-raise bill with a last-minute point of order in a fit of pique .
men, who are thought to pique themselves upon their Wit
To leave now would suggest that he'd gone in a fit of pique .
What exasperated driver hasn't wanted to scream at the person in the passenger seat and snatch the map in a fit of pique ?
Even those with only a passing interest in the subject matter should find something to pique their curiosity within.
Event planners aim to give those varied interests plenty to pique their partiality.
Of course it didn't happen and I went out in a fit of pique in the next hand.
President Theodore Roosevelt, who in a fit of pique coined the term ‘muckraking’, called him a potent influence for evil.
he left in a fit of pique