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piquant / пикантный
имя прилагательное
spicy, piquant, savory, racy, pungent, nutty
имя прилагательное
having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavor.
Herbs and spices add a piquant taste that ketchup can't match.
Not only is the flavouring piquant but the structure of the movements and the material in development sturdy and, for us, rewarding to absorb.
The salmon came with finely chopped egg and a sharp piquant sauce with horseradish base and was simply excellent.
Meanwhile, revisit Couchwarmer and taste the original piquant recipe.
"The toast was overdone, but the chicken had a piquant flavour, " he said.
The salted eggs added a lovely, piquant flavour.
This cheese usually has tangy, piquant , spicy and peppery flavor.
Stocking four flavours of dishy, piquant womanhood, it treated the audience to one tasty conundrum after another.
They add a sharp, pungent flavour to dishes with a piquant base.
This experience was on display in a lithe, nicely proportioned performance of the Overture to Rossini's L' Italiana in Algeri (with a piquant oboe solo by Melanie Feld).
Both cheeses deliver a rich, piquant taste, and each is also offered in a variety of sizes and forms.