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pipette / пипетка
имя существительное
pipette, dropper, pipet, medicine dropper
капать из пипетки
имя существительное
a slender tube attached to or incorporating a bulb, for transferring or measuring out small quantities of liquid, especially in a laboratory.
Lambda pipettes are used to transfer very small liquid volumes down to 1 microliter.
pour, convey, or draw off using a pipette.
Ten minutes after adding malate, we again pipetted the supernatant from the same dish into other test tubes.
The pipette tip was placed 5-10 m above the dish surface.
DNA was dialysed by inserting the DNA sample with a pipette into dialysis tubing and securing the ends with clips.
Then, a small glass pipette was positioned near the cell.
pipette the cells on to the coverslips
Most techniques for monitoring whole-cell membrane capacitance work by applying a voltage stimulus via a patch pipette and measuring the resulting currents.
Application of pressure through the recording pipette accelerated the positive shift and removal of pressure simply slowed the shift.
The pipette was attached to the test tank 2 cm above the water surface, creating a perturbation on the surface when water was dripped into the aquarium.
Use a pipette to make two or three long lines of water down the desk.
I showed the candidates how to use a pipette - a hand-held tool for manipulating small volumes of liquid - and invited them to have a go.
The caudal medulla was exposed to insert a microinjection pipette into the XII nucleus.