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piper / волынщик, дудочник, игрок на свирели
имя существительное
piper, bagpiper
piper, fifer, fife
игрок на свирели
имя существительное
a bagpipe player.
AS THE drone of the bagpipes settles into a pleasing skirl, the piper enters and a hush falls over the crowd.
a person who plays a pipe, especially an itinerant musician.
MacDonald himself will play various pipes and flute, accompanied by seven other pipers and four backing musicians.
A lone piper played the lament before the crowd dispersed from the quayside following the ceremony.
PC Broadhurst was borne to the hearse to the accompaniment of a piper 's lament and the tolling of a single bell.
According to himself, he became fascinated with the pipes having seen and heard a travelling piper who called at his home in 1930.
After word of Banks' presence spread, he became a modern-day pied piper .
Adrian Schofield was - still is - a champion Northumbrian piper , despite coming from Bolton.
Their grandfather played the fiddle, and their father is a piper and singer of Gaelic songs.
But don't expect to warm a brandy in front of a log fire serenaded by a piper 's lament.
Although he feared her, she could see he thought he had played her as a piper plays his pipe.
During the offertory, Michael Delaney played the trumpet, and the piper piped during the communion.
There is also an album from Dublin-born uillean piper and tin whistle player, Ronan Browne.