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pious / благочестивый, набожный, религиозный
имя прилагательное
pious, godly, devout, devotional
devout, pious, religious, devotional, pi
religious, spiritual, devotional, pious, godly, pi
имя прилагательное
devoutly religious.
Now the third important point related to government regulation is the aim of religion education is to develop pious and devout students.
Both her father and mother were pious Christians who regularly conducted home devotions and faithfully attended church.
Yes, the new EU constitution has plenty of pious words about ensuring that there should be no unfair state aids and other subsidies.
Of all the religions, the best religion is to repeat God's Name and to do pious deeds.
He said all the pious words about fresh air and cuddly animals but nothing about the obligations which might be imposed on industry.
We will doubtless hear some pious hypocrisies from Jack Straw.
As pious Jews they had held that Yahweh alone was God and that no human being could be divine.
He's a pious hypocrite and a greedy, petty, stupid, mean-minded crook.
The option to renew is nothing other than what Cote calls ‘a pious hope that an agreement may later be reached’.
His answer to all these questions is the pious platitude, ‘one standard of citizenship’.
Their response, however, consists of a pathetic mixture of pious wishes and unrealistic hopes.