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pinto / пегая лошадь
имя существительное
пегая лошадь
pinto, piebald
имя прилагательное
piebald, skewbald, pinto
spotted, spotty, patchy, dappled, brindle, pinto
имя существительное
a piebald horse.
Where you from that they don't have bays and chestnuts, only pintos ?
имя прилагательное
‘There has been a great increase in the number of pinto breeders in the US and I feel the trend will spill over into this country,’ Miles said.
As we passed a ranch with several pinto ponies in the corral, it didn't require much on my part to envision that the Comanches were not gone, the Longhorns were not gone, the drovers, the outlaws, the gunfighters - none of them were gone.
I liked to watch my younger cousin, Angie, barrel race her pinto pony, Carolina.
Someone needs to put this pinto out to pasture pronto.
Joe pulled up the pinto mare and touched the brim of his hat.
Adam muttered darkly under his breath about what he was going to do to a younger brother and shoved Sport after the quickly dwindling form of the pinto .
He slowed the pinto to a walk, and tried to settle the horse down.
Adam turned from his brother and continued back up the slope to where his horse now grazed with his brother's pinto .
Altair held on tightly, his horse grunting beneath him, and urged him forward, causing the pinto to bellow angrily.
He was very feisty and reminded Kris greatly of Lucky, her pinto little colt.
Chika picked her mare, a dainty pinto named Lassi and slipped a bridle and saddle on the mare.