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pinprick / булавочный укол, досада, мелкая неприятность
имя существительное
булавочный укол
annoyance, vexation, chagrin, nuisance, disappointment, pinprick
мелкая неприятность
имя существительное
a prick caused by a pin.
This process enables the donor to gift this precious platelet concentrate to a sick relative with just an hour of gazing absent-mindedly at the smiley blood drop and suffering little more than two pinpricks .
The star can also feel a pinprick over most of his body and can distinguish between hot and cold, and sharp and dull sensations.
Last night a senior air force officer described the bombing of the sites as a minor operation, a pinprick raid which accomplished what it set out to achieve.
Each pinprick lasts barely three seconds, and is slightly uncomfortable rather than painful, especially on the forehead, where the skin is very thin.
compared with the indignities he had so far endured, this was a mere pinprick
It was a minor pinprick in his side that his plan had not succeeded.
It means patients can get an accurate reading on the day of their clinic appointment and, instead of having to take blood from a vein, patients only have to undergo a pinprick using the new machine.
for the blood to be poisoned it takes only a pinprick
On Jupiter, it blows material clear out of the atmosphere but is nevertheless a mere pinprick to the giant planet.
And while Gammell's most recent find in India eases the pressure, it is a pinprick in terms of global needs.
Our selling point is that it requires only a tiny pinprick and it isn't as sore.