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pinpoint / точный, прицельный
имя прилагательное
accurate, exact, precise, just, precision, pinpoint
aiming, aimed, pinpoint
имя существительное
острие булавки
что-либо очень маленькое
что-либо незначительное
flivver, pinpoint, pipsqueak
бомбардировать точечную цель
засекать цель
имя прилагательное
absolutely precise; to the finest degree.
this weapon fired shells with pinpoint accuracy
имя существительное
a tiny dot or point.
a pinpoint of light from a flashlight
find or locate exactly.
one flare had pinpointed the target
She felt a warm dot on her forehead, like a tiny pinpoint of light.
This echo from long ago makes me envious of the pinpoint accuracy with which Reston's paper was delivered.
It is virtually impossible for a rifle to deliver pinpoint accuracy with a damaged crown.
Its metaphors will give a detailed map of the mind and often pinpoint precise reasons for problems experienced.
Some will be able to fire guns with pinpoint accuracy.
In the middle of the blackness, there was a tiny pinpoint of light.
The maps below illustrate, with pinpoint accuracy, just how much of Sark I've covered on my travels.
Though Norman sings with a glorious range of tone and pinpoint accuracy, hers is a strangely uninvolved performance.
Scanner's visual tracks 1 and 2 focus upon a pinpoint of pulsating light from which extend lines of variegated, rapidly changing colours.
With a target centre the size of a 10-cent piece it needed pinpoint accuracy to win.