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pinko / пинко
имя существительное
a person with left-wing or liberal views.
Only pinkoes and liberals, they said, would slap down $9 to see a documentary film.
He considers it self-evident: ‘Don't be such a leftist commie pinko !’
a bunch of pinko liberal vegetarians
The scourge of McCarthyism made everyone a believer for fear of being labeled a commie pinko .
a closet pinko
The film captures a sense of paranoia in America's newsrooms as McCarthy goes after anyone in politics, the military, entertainment or media who has even the remotest link with commies or inkling of being a pinko .
The red hunt was misguided because the equation that came to define the McCarthy era (to be a liberal is to be a pinko is to be a red is to be a spy) was misguided.
Fifty years ago, anyone who didn't conform to the prevailing right-wing agenda was labelled ‘commie, pinko , subversive.’
Now, come on - even all you pinkos have to admit that this is quite witty.
Consumer advocate groups - and other left-wing commie pinkos - are encouraging Americans to stay away from the malls and liquor stores.
He loves baiting his opponents - remember his comments about ‘left-wing pinkoes ’ - but has never been afraid to stand up for his own political beliefs.