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pinkie / пинка
имя существительное
pink, pinkie
имя существительное
the little finger.
She chewed grimly on the fingernail of her little pinkie , narrowing her eyebrows in frustration.
I bet I could get my pinkie all the way in to the first knuckle.
All of his fingernails are short and dirty, except for the nail on his right pinkie , which is clean and long.
On a normal keyboard, the resting position for my left hand has my pinkie and ring finger touching the side of the keyboard.
Lynn nodded and twirled her brown hair around her pinkie finger.
Taylor continues ranting a bit longer, winding a strand of bleach-blond hair around her pinkie .
He sticks his pinkie fingers in his mouth and whistles.
Scraping those last lipstick remnants out the tube with your pinkie is one way to stretch your lip color.
He's got a lived-in face and a diamond on his pinkie the size of the Ritz.
Kath held out her pinkie and Chloe hooked fingers with her.
On the pinkie of her right hand she wears a large yellow jade stone set in diamonds, a traditional symbol worn by rich people to protect themselves from swindles.