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pink / розовый, либеральничающий
имя прилагательное
pink, rose, rosy, roseate, incarnadine, rose-colored
имя существительное
pink, pinkie
розовый цвет
pink, rose, rose-color, rose-colour
carnation, clove, pink, allspice
act up, hiccup, pink
работать с детонацией
имя прилагательное
of a color intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon.
her healthy pink cheeks
having or showing left-wing tendencies.
pale pink politics
of or associated with homosexuals.
a boom in the pink economy
имя существительное
pink color, material, or pigment.
she looks good in pink
the best condition or degree.
the economy is not in the pink of health
a person with left-wing tendencies.
a herbaceous Eurasian plant with sweet-smelling pink or white flowers and slender, typically gray-green, leaves.
Don't plant daisies, pinks , dianthus and carnations.
a small square-rigged sailing ship, typically with a narrow, overhanging stern.
A pink was a sailing ship with a narrow stern, originally small and flat-bottomed.
cut a scalloped or zigzag edge on.
a bonnet with pinked edging
April pinked the earth with flowers
I found a story about the FCC decision in The Financial Times - which also provided a lovely peachy pink for the color.
Maybe it wasn't all pink champagne and roses last night after all.
There we dined on charcuterie, cheese, fish and humous accompanied by a variety of fresh breads and pink champagne with strawberries.
It was made from felt or something - light pink flesh coloured stuffed material with brown curls fanning out.
The light pink was a nice color as well and I think the fabric was silk but at that moment I really didn't care.
But, shopping with, or indeed for, those paying with the pink pound, is certainly an amusing experience.
Today I watched her eat an entire tub of cottage cheese and drink three glasses of pink Champagne.
the car was inclined to pink slightly in accelerating from a low engine speed
Make it pink champagne, girlfriend - because you're worth it.
Since the late 1990s event organisers have attempted to cash in on the pink economy.