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pinion / шестерня, крыло, оконечность птичьего крыла
имя существительное
gear, pinion, gearwheel
wing, flank, arm, blade, airfoil, pinion
оконечность птичьего крыла
подрезать крылья
hamstring, pinion
связывать руки
крепко привязывать
имя существительное
the outer part of a bird's wing including the flight feathers.
Buglike, and reminding me of dragonfly wings were two long pinions , and just under them were two more.
a small gear or spindle engaging with a large gear.
It is used for railroad frogs, for steel mill coupling housings, pinions , spindles, and for dipper lips of power shovels operating in quarries.
tie or hold the arms or legs of (someone).
he pinioned the limbs of his opponents
cut off the pinion of (a wing or bird) to prevent flight.
Swans are caught and their wings' flight feathers are clipped, or pinioned .
The ring gear is attached to the motor, the sun gear is connected to the generator, and the engine drives - or is driven by (during starting) - the pinion gears.
The bit had longitudinal movement via an internal rack and pinion , with a knob on the engaging gear protruding through the spigot wall outside the barrel.
He turned and began to pace among the flowers, flaring his wings from time to time so that the sunlight glittered off each pinion , and his feathers rippled with iridescence.
Steering is electro-hydraulic power assisted rack and pinion , with the electric motor modulating the hydraulic pressure in the system on the basis of steering wheel angular velocity and vehicle speed.
Normally I set the nose of the rear downward, so the driveshaft and the pinion have about three degrees of negative angle.
This pinion received its power through a set of extra heavy worm gears controlled by an open and cross belt, producing the reverse movement for tilting the saw in either direction.
Pretending to be caught by surprise, Jocelyn allowed two thieves to violently pinion her hands behind her back and slap metal cuffs onto her wrists, struggling only after the bonds had been secured.
The pinions are assembled to an exact position and 28 characteristics are measured to control the positioning of the pinion to the gear itself.
Nor the pride, nor ample pinion , That the Theban Eagle bear, Sailing with supreme dominion Thro' the azure deep of air.
Each labeller may also have a de-mountable label cassette with a drive pinion which meshes with a two-sided timing belt.