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ping / свистеть, гудеть, жужжать
whistle, ping, whish, whiffle, hoot, hiss
buzz, hum, hoot, drone, boom, ping
buzz, hum, whir, whirr, zizz, ping
имя существительное
whistling, whistle, whiz, hiss, swish, ping
hum, drone, boom, ping
стук от удара
имя существительное
a short high-pitched ringing sound, as of a tap on a crystal glass.
the syncopated ping of steel drums
make or cause to make a ping.
the doorbell pinged
query (another computer on a network) to determine whether there is a connection to it.
To test your IPv6 connection, first try pinging something with the ping6 program on both the gateway and a connected host.
Again, test your gateway by accessing an external site (use ping or your web browser or whatever).
While that had been a very good thing for ping , FTP and TELNET, it was now a very bad thing.
Its low-frequency ping can last 100 seconds, can travel hundreds of miles, and harass and displace whales from their feeding and breeding grounds.
Some people ping us directly, and most of the rest comes from blogs - which polls once an hour.
the syncopated ping of steel drums
The engine developed a mysterious wheeze and ping .
the ping of the oven timer
On their end, they see something like ‘Jason pinged you at 7: 34 pm’ with the option to ping right back.
My head was consumed with these thoughts, when I heard a ping and the distinctive sound of a message being announced over a PA system.
According to this very-cool story about mobile-phone culture in Japan, the kids use texting as a way to ping one another.