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pincushion / подушечка для булавок
имя существительное
подушечка для булавок
имя существительное
a small cushion into which pins are stuck for convenient storage.
Or have you stuck them like pincushions with all your needles?
During testing I noted no spherical aberration, no astigmatism, no curvature of field, no barrel or pincushion , and no rolling distortion.
Frowning, she takes the pin out of her mouth and sticks it into a soft strawberry-shaped pincushion .
Examining the camera we noted no astigmatism, curvature of field, rolling distortion, or pincushion distortion .
They began to make floral designs with their glass beads and applied these new shapes to many useful things, including pincushions , handbags, sewing cases, and clothing.
Focusing the scopes on the distant brick wall with its very distinct vertical and horizontal lines, we checked for pincushion distortion (lines bowing in) and barrel distortion (lines bowing out).
Or have you stuck them like pincushions with all your needles?
However I did note a small amount of pincushion distortion .