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pinched / стесненный, прищемленный, урезанный
имя прилагательное
cramped, constrained, uneasy, straitened, embarrassed, pinched
pared down, bobtail, pinched, lopped
depleted, exhausted, emaciated, knackered, impoverished, pinched
exhausted, haggard, jaded, jacked up, pinched, whacked
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their face) tense and pale from cold, worry, or hunger.
Her usually rosy cheeks were now pinched and deathly pale.
hurt by financial hardship.
consumers feel pinched by rising costs in repairs and housing
grip (something, typically someone's flesh) tightly and sharply between finger and thumb.
she pinched his cheek
live in a frugal way.
if I pinch and scrape , I might manage
arrest (someone).
I was pinched for speeding
sail (a boat) so close to the wind that the sails begin to lose power.
Danovin strode in with a pinched expression, and sighed as he leaned against the door, shooting into a sharp and speedy litany that made Visbec chuckle.
There were bags under her eyes, and her face was pale and pinched looking.
Standing and gathering her cloak tightly around her shoulders she turned away from Madam Corbeau's pinched expression and down the lane.
She wore purple contacts and had thin eyebrows to go along with her pinched cheeks and small chin.
She makes you feel as if you are witnessing the reactions to a disturbing scene, because anxiety is what you read in the whites of eyes, pinched cheeks, stringy hair.
Randomly, one or the other gets a pinched expression.
Her usually rosy cheeks were now pinched and deathly pale.
I crouched down over Holly, and drew back the curtain of golden hair to reveal a white, pinched face.
The vendor was a young woman with a pinched face.
He was thin and gaunt, with an odious pinched white face and fierce big black bushy eyebrows.