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pincer / зажимать клещами
зажимать клещами
имя существительное
a tool made of two pieces of metal bearing blunt concave jaws that are arranged like the blades of scissors, used for gripping and pulling things.
They had brought with them a car which they proceeded to cut apart using a large pair of pincers and spreaders.
It also had a tail adorned by a pincer with spikes on the inside of the mandibles.
In others, they are intermediate in size and appear to function as pincers or nippers, as in other groups of mammals.
‘They didn't have large pincers or aggressive weaponry that would have made them a danger to the early tetrapods,’ he said.
The chelicarae are medium-sized, with small pincers for grasping food, they are like miniature versions of the large claws of Pterygotus.
Coral shrimps with long, red and white-banded pincers lurk in holes, their compound eyes reflecting the torch with an orange-gold glow.
Peering from the dark cavern created by the overhanging hull was a huge lobster, waving deep blue pincers at us as we filed respectfully past.
There are plastic sunfish-looking creatures swimming about, along with a bobbing jellyfish complete with plastic tentacles, and a crab with snapping plastic pincers .
These are the second pair of appendages on the body, and are usually rather inconspicuous in arachnids, but in scorpions, they are large and powerful pincers which may be used to grasp and subdue prey.
The pedipalps are used like pincers to capture prey and are also used for defence.
That is, except for a handful of more primitive serpents such as boas and pythons, whose vestigial femurs protrude from their scaly underbellies like stunted pincers .