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pince-nez / пенсне
имя существительное
eyeglasses, rimless eyeglasses, nippers, pince-nez
имя существительное
a pair of eyeglasses with a nose clip instead of earpieces.
The woman looks barely older than a sixth-former, with her hair styled sharply over to one side and a pair of pince-nez perched on her nose.
I see Kestrel's body fly backwards, her face stunned and confused, the pince-nez flying off and upwards.
For her part, Eliss found Ciaran dusty and hidebound, carrying as he did a clipboard, a stylus and a pair of pince-nez on a steel chain.
It's the brunette with the pince-nez from earlier on.
People were wearing, not just pince-nez , but monocles.
Gideon is slender, rather unpleasant looking man, with light brown hair, wearing a light red suit and a golden pince-nez .
A forceful orator and an advocate of the strenuous life, Roosevelt with his bushy mustache, pince-nez , and wide, toothy grin was a caricaturist's delight.
Under a brow of average height, two grey-blue eyes looked out at me, behind glittering pince-nez , with an air of peaceful interrogation.
The latter's 1919 portrait of Koch, in a late expressionistic manner, shows the sitter in his role as writer or poet, complete with pince-nez , stiff collar and dark suit.
Major Baring took off his gold pince-nez and looked at me.
Her dark hair was tied tightly back in a pony-tail and she met my gaze through entirely cosmetic pince-nez .