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pinafore / передник, фартук, платье-сарафан
имя существительное
apron, pinafore, pinner, save-all
apron, skirting, pinafore, boot, dicky, dickey
pinafore, gymslip
имя существительное
a sleeveless apronlike garment worn over a child's dress.
If they wonder, like I do, what became of that little girl in the pinafore dress.
If they wonder, like I do, what became of that little girl in the pinafore dress.
‘She wasn't too keen on the blouse and tie, and couldn't understand why she had to wear a shirt under her pinafore ,’ Ms Burke said.
Tessa was drenched completely; Clarissa exclaimed in horror at her sopping dark locks and little pinafore that was dripping on the floor.
As Abbey put her stained pinafore in the sink, she wondered what in the world could make her older sister so sweet on Shad one moment, and then on Zongala the next.
I have to wear a uniform on school days - a burgundy blazer and grey pinafore .
And sometimes, when I'm in the right mood, I'll braid my hair, tie on a pinafore and whip up a batch of cornpone!
I shoved the book over at Matt, smudging Leah's school pinafore with my thumb as I did.
She's very realistic, she's got real hair and she's wearing a little pinafore and a jersey and so she's a very normal little girl.
I shall be back as soon as I have a fresh pinafore on.
Why, you may wonder, has the girl in the short-sleeved yellow dress with a blue pinafore , white stockings and Mary Janes jumped so high out of the frame that you don't see her face?