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pin / штифт, булавка, штырь
имя существительное
pin, stud, finger, sprig, tag, pintle
pin, pintle, dowel
pin, pin up on, pin up to
pin, prick
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a thin piece of metal with a sharp point at one end and a round head at the other, used especially for fastening pieces of cloth.
One of them cleverly decorates a vase by drawing plant leaves using a sharp pin , while another shapes small frog-like figures to be put on ashtrays.
a short piece of wood or metal for various purposes, in particular.
Do not buy those pre-made short pins which I believe are sold by Pika.
she was very nimble on her pins
an attack on a piece or pawn, which is thereby pinned.
the pin of the black queen by the white rook
a half-firkin cask for beer.
The gas (IN) fitting of a pin-lock-style keg has two pins ; the beer fitting has three.
attach or fasten with a pin or pins in a specified position.
her hair was pinned back
personal identification number.
The demo board is also equipped with a six pin modular connector to interface directly with the company's MPLAB in-circuit debugger.
Next to each power input for each port there is an output, again of the 3 pin connector type.
It is an 80 pin connector that is designed for drives that plug into a SCSI backplane.
This short pin , driven through a hole drilled through the knob's shank and the spindle, was hidden by its rose when in place on the door.
The Major applied the last of the bandage cloth and used a pin to keep it in place.
The Crown suggested it made no sense for Willis, armed only with a bowling pin , to challenge a man with a gun.
a gold and diamond lapel pin
After nearly three hundred years of grenade technology development, and the best way to activate it was still the old-fashioned pin .
Studying it, it appeared that it could actually be a pin more than a brooch.
They discovered one of the sling's retaining bolts was missing, and only a small Cotter pin kept the retaining pin in place.