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pimple / прыщ, пупырышек, папула
имя существительное
acne, pimple, whelk, pustule, blotch, pap
papule, papula, pimple
имя существительное
a small hard inflamed spot on the skin.
You've learned the hard way that picking pimples can leave small scars or even big crater-like ones.
My skin was not absent of blemishes, I had a pimple on my cheek and a scar on my chin.
I can see the hut down there, just a tiny pimple
Any infection in this area, as from a pimple or boil in the nostril or on the upper lip or nose, may cause a local tissue inflammation known as cellulitis.
he had a pimple at the corner of his mouth
Lesions or pimples develop as a result of the skin's being irritated.
Do you want an overweight guy with scars and pimples who lives out of a cardboard box?
I love to pop pimples or boils or blisters especially when they reside on a body other than my own.
Dry skin, pimples , cramping during exercise and strongly coloured urine can also be the result of dehydration.
Surveying the pimply punks pulling wheelies in the rain, Streb sighs.
When your skin is tan, pimples may seem better because the redness is harder to see.