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pimp / сводник, подлец, бандырь
имя существительное
pimp, procurer, pander, cadet, go-between
scoundrel, blackguard, sneak, stinker, skunk, pimp
pimp, procure, pander, bawd, bawdry
имя существительное
a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return.
She used to drive even prostitutes and their pimps to clients but, as she says, ‘now they have got rich and have their own cars, and do not hire taxis any more’.
act as a pimp.
There are enormous differences between the type and numbers of women working in the two cities, and in the patterns of drug use, pimping and off-street trade.
make (something) more showy or impressive.
he pimped up the car with spoilers and twin-spoke 18-inch alloys
We also know when someone is trying to pimp us for money, too.
After more multiple rapes stretched over several weeks, he took her to a nightclub to pimp her - and she saw her moment for escape.
The queen of reggae takes no hostages in defining the beauty as raised to pimp men with money.
One of the Cuban band joins me outside in my quest to pimp customers, and gives me a sip of wine.
When they stick in those perfume insert things, how come they always smell the same, no matter what fragrance they're trying to pimp you?
Just when you think things can't get any worse, Chloe gets mixed up with a couple of likely lads, who try to pimp her as a child prostitute, and then Kelly too abandons her.
Next, a businessman from Alberta Avenue, Edmonton's most notorious stroll, tells the group about watching a pimp beat a prostitute in his parking lot.
they'd pimp on you as soon as look at you
I reminded him bluntly about his reaction last week to the comments of the man who used to pimp him, and I elicited tears.
You know, young men and young women thinking ‘I can become a stripper, a prostitute or a pimp and have an easy life’ and didn't know the reality of that life.