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pillow / подушка, подкладка, вкладыш
имя существительное
pillow, cushion, pad, chock, saddle, bearer
lining, liner, pad, backing, pillow, wadding
liner, insert, bushing, bush, box, pillow
подложить подушку
служить подушкой
класть голову на что-л.
имя существительное
a rectangular cloth bag stuffed with feathers, foam rubber, or other soft materials, used to support the head when lying down.
At night you sleep on the softest pillow ever, and both sides of the pillowcase are cool.
rest (one's head) as if on a pillow.
Karl was sitting with his legs stretched out and crossed, Tom had his legs stretched out and his arms pillowing his head against the wall, and Michael was sitting with his arm resting on his right knee, and his left leg stretched out.
I felt the soft material against my back and the feathery soft pillow that supported my head.
In other areas, sleeping on a pillow stuffed with Mugwort leaves is claimed to provoke dreams that reveal one's future.
Juen heard a stifled breath and she turned around, Kumma's face had paled immensely and his fist was clenched in the soft material of the pillow .
The maiden quickly laid her head against the pillow stuffed with goose feathers.
At night you sleep on the softest pillow ever, and both sides of the pillowcase are cool.
I laid down and he did to and I actually snuggled up to him letting my face pillow itself on his shoulder I fell asleep.
Blaise asked, sitting up, but falling back in pain, his head hitting a soft feather pillow .
It was beautiful, but couldn't support a feather pillow .
Ikeda was slouched in a stuffed chair, head tilted back and supported by a pillow as he slept peacefully.
Without a word, he laid down beside her, letting his head sink into the soft feather stuffed pillow and resting his hands on his stomach.