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pillock / дурак, олух
имя существительное
fool, stupid, idiot, goof, mutt, pillock
booby, blockhead, clod, loggerhead, dullard, pillock
имя существительное
a stupid person.
By choice l looked like a complete pillock for two years.
He's a pillock, but being a pillock and being a good writer were never mutually exclusive.
I'm standing there staring out at all the students I hope to like and who I hope will like me, feeling like a pillock .
Thankfully, nobody else seems to think it necessary to remind me that I'm a complete pillock .
Why would I want a photograph of a pillock in a tacky golden skirt holding up some fake dagger in an effort to pretend to kill me?
you ask, ‘you made such a pillock of yourself the last time.’
‘Don't be a pillock ,’ snapped Nicol and flounced off.
The National Front gentleman is being a useless pillock in the picture, exactly as one would expect.
a complete pillock!
It wouldn't really have mattered if there hadn't been the odd pillock dancing against the flow.
The problem with living in a democracy is that sometimes a complete pillock gets elected to high office because more people disagree with you than agree with you and there ain't a damned thing you can do about it.