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pillage / грабить, мародерствовать
rob, plunder, loot, pillage, despoil, strip
maraud, pillage, prowl, pill
имя существительное
robbery, looting, plunder, pillage, plundering, pillaging
marauding, looting, pillage, pillaging, foray
robbery, loot, burglary, heist, pillage, hijacking
имя существительное
the action of pillaging a place or property, especially in wartime.
Leaving ‘the whole subject’ to local commanders nevertheless permitted considerable latitude for pillage or destruction and was in itself an important principle.
rob (a place) using violence, especially in wartime.
During the first two nights of pillaging the Capital City, over half a million people were killed.
Today's conflict profiteers are not the first to sponsor a campaign to ransack, rape, pillage and plunder in the Congo.
Well prior to the outbreak of the current war, they warned the Pentagon of the dangers to Iraq's cultural heritage posed by postwar pillage and destruction.
The death toll through famine in Ukraine and Kazakhstan was certainly lower than in the famines that resulted from the British pillage of Ireland and India.
With her own eyes Flavia had watched the savages work, their blond hair caked with dust and beer, their pink faces contorted with the joy of pillage .
He rebuilt ruined churches, built others, he sent overseas to replace lost books and artifacts and all that he possibly could to heal the wounds of the past two centuries of Norse pillage .
The surprise offensive triggered a predictable spree of pillage and rape in the lakeside city, and sparked a crisis in the fragile peace process across the country.
If all episodes of pillage were as easy to explain, the UN might not today be facing what is shaping up as the biggest scandal in its chequered history.
The hundreds of millions of dollars being reaped from this pillage , officials say, are going to some of Indonesia's top serving or retired military officers.
The truth of the matter is that Europeans are not to be trusted in nature because they rape and pillage the earth, whereas your indigenous peoples regard the earth as their mother and treat her with the greatest respect.
Nero did not want anyone to know that he had been born in the village they were about to rape, pillage , and plunder their grimy guts out.