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pile-up / столкновение, скопление, множество
имя существительное
collision, clash, encounter, conflict, impact, impingement
cluster, accumulation, congestion, collection, aggregation, gathering
multiplicity, plurality, variety, multitude, plenty, host
дорожная пробка
имя существительное
a crash involving several vehicles.
an accumulation of a specified thing.
a massive pileup of data
A failed test of Mercedes' new radar braking system that resulted in a three-car pile-up last week has been exposed as a sham for the benefit of television that went horribly wrong.
On the same road, eight miles away, a 55-year-old man was killed in a three-car pile-up a few minutes later.
At each signal, there is a traffic pile-up and vehicles move at a snail's pace.
a three-car pile-up on the A350
This means they may face a fixture pile-up towards the end of the campaign, especially if a heavy winter brings further call-offs.
Meanwhile, five people who died in a motorway pile-up when a transporter carrying armoured vehicles apparently jack-knifed across both carriageways were formally identified by police today.
If there's an accident, accelerometers can alert the network to the crash, before it turns into a multiple vehicle pile-up .
The ‘rest’ players get will either be spent playing lucrative friendlies abroad, or will be ruined by some other fixture pile-up caused later in the season.
The car had stopped in front of a three-car pile-up .
The Easter fixture pile-up imposed on Wenger's team would have weakened anyone.