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pile / куча, груда, свая
имя существительное
heap, pile, stack, jumble, peck, cumulus
pile, heap, stack, mass, huddle, congestion
pile, stilt, post, pale, spile
accumulate, store, pile up, pile, amass, stockpile
pile, pile up, heap, heap up
load, burden, weight, pile, charge, heap
имя существительное
a heap of things laid or lying one on top of another.
he placed the books in a neat pile
a heavy beam or post driven vertically into the bed of a river, soft ground, etc., to support the foundations of a structure.
His solution has been to sink 1,800 wooden foundation piles deep into the ground.
a triangular charge or ordinary formed by two lines meeting at an acute angle, usually pointing down from the top of the shield.
the soft projecting surface of a carpet or of a fabric such as velvet or flannel, consisting of many small threads.
Velveteen is an all cotton pile fabric with short pile resembling velvet.
place (things) one on top of another.
she piled all the groceries on the counter
(of a group of people) get into or out of a vehicle in a disorganized manner.
we all piled in and headed off to our mysterious destination
strengthen or support (a structure) with piles.
furnish with a pile.
a thick-piled carpet
The company's balance sheet shows that its cash pile fell from €6.5 million to €669,213.
I saw a pile of black rubbish lying on the side of the road.
The Americans as usual will fancy their horses to beat all-comers, but O'Brien's three can win a fair pile of the millions of dollars up for grabs at Chicago.
Audiences around the world still get to their feet every night and the money pile continues to grow.
This room and the other chambers where his personal staff and guards waited were all carpeted in a plush pile that must've cost a fortune.
He dropped his bowl in the sink amid a growing pile of dirty dishes.
No, it was too much for a dog, a dog who, by all accounts, at the end amounted to nothing more than a useless pile of bones in a wrinkled sack of skin.
Imagine deep pile rugs, generous upholstered pieces, fabric on the walls.
Three types of pile are used in carpet construction: single-level loop, multi-level loop and cut pile .
I looked at the pile of dirty dishes on the Formica counter.