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pigtail / косичка, коса, табак, свернутый в трубочку
имя существительное
pigtail, tail, queue
braid, scythe, plait, queue, tress, pigtail
табак, свернутый в трубочку
имя существительное
a braid or gathered hank of hair hanging from the back of the head, or either of a pair at the sides.
she had her hair done in pigtails
a short length of flexible braided wire connecting a stationary part to a moving part in an electrical device.
Twist the ends of the wires being connected with the pigtail wire tightly together.
a thin twist of tobacco.
The antenna was made from a surplus pizza-dish satellite rig, a polished tomato soup can and a length of co-ax that descended to a pigtail with the right fitting for a wireless card.
Twist the ends of the wires being connected with the pigtail wire tightly together.
All models include a 24-inch pigtail terminated with an N, female connector.
I imagined cute little blonde, with hair in pigtails just above her ears, and maybe a little pink sundress.
Allison, as a child, wore a light pink dress with her strawberry-blonde hair done up in pigtails .
It's starting to look stupid when you wear your hair in pigtails .
She was about Leah's size and had her hair in pigtails with red ribbons.
The blond boy pondered, slowly easing away from the pigtailed girl.
A young girl trainer around 10 with pigtailed hair was standing in front of the counter staring at Caitlin curiously.
Pink ponytail holders held her white hair in pigtails , and there was a cherry flush in her cinnamon cheeks.