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pigskin / свиная кожа, седло, футбольный мяч
имя существительное
свиная кожа
pigskin, hog-skin
saddle, col, pigskin
футбольный мяч
football, pigskin, leather, soccer-ball
wineskin, goatskin, pigskin, leather bottle, winebag
имя существительное
the hide of a domestic pig.
Wine was frequently stored in cueros, pigskins lined with pitch or resin which tainted the wine.
a football.
Early in his career, which began in 1995 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Holcomb seemed more comfortable with a clipboard in his hands than a pigskin .
Other local goods to which discounts can be applied: leather, silver, pigskin , cosmetics, liquor and perfumes, most of which are already sold at everyday low prices when compared to U.S. rates.
His main competition at training camp has been there the whole time, sweating it out with his teammates, and throwing the pigskin pretty well, one might add.
They use pigskin taken from slaughtered animals.
It's that I have come to resemble a huge, distended pigskin sack that has been stuffed to bursting point with offal and custard by greedy giants.
When in doubt, forwards, don't just boot the pigskin into the air, look to another TEAM member and pass the ball.
This is a superb rig consisting of a tapered belt, holster and double cartridge case all of oiled single weight leather except for the Mexican loop style holster, which is lined with pigskin .
He grunts in ecstasy as his foot makes contact with the pigskin .
Indeed, the ancient purity laws of Leviticus in the Old Testament prohibit the activities of ingesting shellfish or touching a dead pigskin .
We have demonstrated that SUP becomes bioavailable in viable pigskin epidermis when applied topically.
Since touching the skin of a dead pig makes one ‘unclean,’ no one can wear gloves made of pigskin .