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pigmentation / пигментация
имя существительное
имя существительное
the natural coloring of animal or plant tissue.
Progeny plants were scored for pigmentation phenotype and analyzed for genotype using SSR markers.
This results in a life long slate-grey pigmentation of the tissues.
The resulting kernel pigmentation phenotype consists of colorless pericarp with red sectors.
Chronic thickening, dryness, and pigmentation of her skin had developed in areas exposed to the sun.
We think that two risk factors may be the amount of pigmentation naturally occurring in the eye, and dietary elements.
The method does account for any potential pigmentation in the tissue, or for absorbance
Backcross rats were scored visually for sex, pigmentation , and hair morphology.
For instance, plants grew leaves with new shapes, had different pigmentation , or hairy roots.
The disease should be diagnosed before skin pigmentation , liver enlargement, diabetes, heart failure, or aching joints develop.
The colour itself is anthocyanin, basically the same pigmentation as people can see in the autumn.
Pigment accumulated throughout the shaft of the silks and was not limited to the silk hairs as is typical of anthocyanin pigmentation .