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pigment / пигмент
имя существительное
pigment, color, colour
окрашивать пигментом
имя существительное
the natural coloring matter of animal or plant tissue.
Sources for pigments were animals, plants and minerals.
color (something) with or as if with pigment.
pigmented areas such as freckles
Ceramic frit is composed of glass particles, paint pigment and a mixture medium to blend the two.
Lycopene is a red pigment that occurs naturally in certain plant and algal tissues.
This carotenoid antioxidant - the natural pigment in tomatoes, guava and watermelon - is good for the heart.
Eggs have been used as a binding medium for pigment paint since primitive times.
The satellites monitor the green pigment in plants, or chlorophyll, which leads to estimates of phytoplankton amounts.
the loss of pigment in the skin
Lycopene (the natural pigment that makes tomatoes red) triggers the death of prostate cancer cells without harming healthy cells.
She also added jewel powder to the pigment used in her paintings, expressing her passion for the precious stones.
Evan chose his pigments and applied his paints parsimoniously.
Painting into wet plaster with water soluble pigments is one of the most difficult of all challenges a painter can face.