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piggyback / комбинированный, дополнительный
имя прилагательное
combined, composite, piggyback, joint, compo
additional, more, further, complementary, extra, piggyback
имя существительное
a ride on someone's back and shoulders.
Now, for that, give me a piggyback ride back up this hill.
on the back and shoulders of another person.
he had to carry him piggyback
carry by or as if by piggyback.
With his warm chubby arms around my neck, I piggybacked him about the yard, feeling the eyes of my family watching us through the windows.
имя прилагательное
on the back and shoulders of another person.
a piggyback ride
The natural conclusion of this argument is simple - we either consolidate ourselves or elect to piggyback on a sub-contract basis to the big guys in the game.
Ben grasped Maya's legs and stood, proceeding to carry her piggyback down the apartment's short corridor to the kitchen.
The top carry handle also includes a 1/2-20 stud for piggyback camera mounting.
he had to carry him piggyback
I have to upload some code so I'll piggyback the signal on another station and have a sneak around.
She thought that he was going to stand and basically piggyback her to the South Exit, but she was wrong.
a telescope with fittings for piggyback cameras
Next thing you know, Karen was on top of my friend, banging her on the head with some sort of a plush toy… riding Glenn piggyback all over the place.
Another example is to piggyback additional missions on existing platforms, such as putting a science experiment on a relay satellite.
He gave me a piggyback ride into the main building, and didn't put me down even when we were inside.