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piggy / поросенок, свинка, игра в чижи
имя существительное
pig, piggy, piglet, piggie, pigling, swine
piggy, mumps, parotitis, piglet, piggie, piggy-wiggy
игра в чижи
имя существительное
(used by or when talking to children) a pig or piglet.
No, darling, that has nothing to do with piggies .
имя прилагательное
resembling a pig, especially in features or appetite.
three pairs of little piggy eyes
She was a pudgy little lady, who looked just like a piggy , right down to skin color.
I heard just about everyone gasp, saw a few women fainting, and the bishop's piggy eyes widen in shock.
They were very small, almost piggy , but had a piercing quality that seemed to look right through you.
He is plump, with piggy little eyes and not much hair, and he wears a suit and cufflinks and scent.
It was the movement of a small, fat, middle aged woman with a scarlet complexion, piggy eyes and a collapsing perm.
Her face was fat and puffy and her piggy eyes were enveloped by her cheeks.
IT has been compared to an angry ant, a sawn-off shotgun and a wild boar, its twin headlights shining like angry piggy eyes.
‘I'm so not in spandex ’, I shouted back as I trotted up the stairs like a little piggy going to the sausage factory.
Up and down the country, arts faculties swarm with undergraduates pretending to be overeducated comedians pretending to be in-bred shopkeepers with little piggy noses.
The presenter was one of those creepy guys with piggy eyes, moist hands and a face that just ached to be slapped.