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piety / благочестие, набожность, пиетет
имя существительное
piety, godliness, holiness, piousness
piety, devotion, godliness, devoutness, unction, piousness
имя существительное
the quality of being religious or reverent.
acts of piety and charity
Once there was devotion, piety , fervor, religion, holy priests, purity of heart.
It also appeals to the emotion in a very direct way and gives us an insight into Bach's own personal religious piety .
acts of piety and charity
Although wealth is often inversely related to religious piety , the dissatisfaction amidst great wealth reveals a spiritual void that wealth cannot fill.
They take advantage of the sentiments of people who think they are doing an act of piety and charity at the same time.
This follows the view that ‘useful ‘knowledge is that which enhances religious piety .’
The former have been religions of piety with a strong tendency to deny reason.
Independent political inactivity now went hand in hand with religious quietism and piety .
Machiavelli certainly exaggerated when he observed in The Prince that, ‘owing to the bad example set by the Court of Rome, Italy has lost all piety and religion’.
The Italian-inspired architecture of the baroque period reflects a combination of religious piety and worldly opulence.